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We are giving away a signed copy of our debut album to the one who can think up something creative to put inside the cartoon speech bubble that you can see on the right. Send in your answer to, or post it online on our Facebook page by Friday the 1st of March. We will pick a winner based on what we find the most creative and/or funny.

Vagrant God album pre-orders
We’re making the Vagrant God album available for pre-ordering from the Secret Quarters label starting August 15! That’s Wednesday next week, people!

With slightly less than one month to go before the release of this album, you can now make your wait seem slightly shorter by check out this brand new clip from one of the tracks.

The Vagrant God album releases on September 5.
The new Vagrant God album releases on September 5
We can finally announce the release date for our upcoming, self-titled album. The album will be released world wide by Secret Quarters, on September 5, 2012. Pre-ordering will be made available through the Secret Quarters website very soon. Expect new announcements to follow!

Working on the upcoming release
Some of the best and brightest of you may already have noticed that our long-overdue-for-release and self-titled debut album is heading for an actual, factual, no-one's-getting-cheated-this-time release. But lets not start digging into the dark past of this fabled album. (Maybe we'll return to that topic another time...)

At the moment we're working with the very talented designer Robert Høyem (Check out his website!) to complete the artwork. It's looking very promising!

The album is headed for release on the Secret Quarters label sometime later this year. So stay tuned for more updates. is back!
As a part of the reactivation of the Vagrant God project, and the upcoming release of the self-titled debut album on Secret Quarters, is finally back online - with a new look and everything. Check back soon for more info!
About Vagrant God

Vagrant God is a Gothic metal project from the trio of Cecilie Langlie (Skumring, Vagrant God, Havnatt), Kjetil Ottersen (Vagrant God, Diagnostic) and Tom Simonsen (Skumring, Vagrant God, Havnatt, It's the End). The self-titled debut album is about to get ready for release on Secret Quarters.

Cecilie Langlie - Lead vocals and backing vocals.
Tom Simonsen - Lead vocals and backing vocals.
Kjetil Ottersen - Guitars, keyboards/synth, programming and backing vocals.


NEW: "Vagrant God" (Secret Quarters, 05 SEPTEMBER 2012)
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